12 January 2012

Nice Moment ^_^

The Golden Disk Awards
(the most prestigious and the biggest stage)

The Golden Disk Awards (GDA) is the stage where the popular
Korean Pop music from the past year are selected, and celebrated.
It is the most prestigious awards ceremony in South Korea,
which contributes to the music and the digital downloads industry
while bolstering the creativity of pop music and finding talented artists.

Hahaha...itu die intro kite bg cikit pasal awards yg kami smua ELF nanti2 kan result die smalam.... kali nie GDA yg ke-26 tlh diwat di OSaka, Japan...

& the nice moment that SUPER JUNIOR and E.L.F around the world
feel is about that (tngok bawah)



[TWITTER] @donghae861015 [TRANS]
I SJ !! I ELF !! It's unbelievable that we can receive lots of love !!
love that we received will slowly return to you^^be together until that time!! ^^

[TWITTER] @special1004 [TRANS]
Well finally it has happened! It's an award made possible by everyone who has gifted us with happiness!
I'm always thankful and always feel sorry but really happy!
Most awards in Golden Disk history is 4 golden awards!
To all E.L.F. who has voted so hard, gave so much love to our album and made so memories with us together, i love you

[TWEET/DONGHAE] @donghae861015
I will work harder ^^ Thank you!! I love you!! SuJu the best!! ELF the best!!

[TWITTER] @AllRiseSilver [TRANS]
Mom, I became a champion!!
See~?? This won't do I have, and I call it ELF,
this Get all this prize, get it twice, get it thrice, get it till four times

@GaemGyu: Eyy I don't know.
To the many people and ELF who loved SJ and allowed us to receive this huge award, thank you.
I don't normally say things like that, but I love you❤

[TWEET/DONGHAE] @donghae861015
Super Junior’s Daesang !!!!!!! ELF is the best, i love you!! 4 golden trophies !!!


Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Baca

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